We can help you plan your TV advertisement campaign at the most economic rate by finding your audience demographic and the appropriate local and national advertising medium. National Media Group Inc. is a premier company representing companies advertising content across various media channels including TV, radio, digital, mobile and outdoor. We leverage state-of-the-art solutions to simplify our clients’ media delivery processes by taking into consideration their unique needs and budget. We can work for advertisers with complex, local and national delivery requirements. All businesses need to market their products to potential customers. Our team makes endless efforts to provide you with the best way to reach your target audience and influence their buying decision. By combining technology and data with art and judgment, we allow you to connect with your audience. Knowing the reactions of your target audience will directly impact your business growth as you will be able to evolve and stay relevant. We apply a well-defined and executed brand strategy that would directly connect to your consumers’ needs, emotions, and competitive environments.


Digital marketing is an effective way to communicate with your consumers as it provides a seamless way to integrate into your target customers’ experience on any digital platform, guiding them back to your own business. And, it also allows you to track every step your prospective clients would make in relation to your ad. National Media Group Inc. will help you personalize your digital advertisement campaign by checking the advertiser intelligence across various digital platforms. This data is further used to improve future campaigns.


With a continued increase in time spent on smart devices, mobile advertising has become an effective way of marketing. Our company can help you align with your target consumers by identifying related mobile profiles and preferences and displaying corresponding advertisements when consumers download or use data services like games or applications. Mobile advertising can be done in many ways, including mobile Web banner ads, Multimedia Messaging Services, Mobile Videos and TV Advertising Units, In-app display advertising units, integrated ads, branded mobile applications. Our team can help you reach your target audience via any of these methods.


National Media Group Inc. lets you know the best way to carry out a radio advertisement campaign by generating information regarding local radio occurrences and creating a competitive intelligence report. We also help you peek inside how your dollars can be utilized effectively to achieve outstanding results through advertisement. Moreover, here, you can get access to detailed local radio occurrences, such as songs that stations are playing, rotations that they are in, and index of audience reactions. With National Media Group Inc., you can reach your customers via whatever channel you want. After all, we are can work with every Over-the-Air and Online streaming radio station(s) in the USA.