Interactive Advertisement: A Guaranteed Way to Company’s Success


Interactive advertising is the most recent and successful technique to generate leads and convert them. With an element of feedback from customers, this type of advertisement is better than any other method. Interactive advertising is usually referred to as online advertising, but can also be applied to offline techniques like consumer surveys. Although it’s quite common at present, once it was considered a groundbreaking idea when Internet analytics first started being used. By tweaking ad approaches, posting valuable content, and soliciting feedback from the target audience, advertisers have given potential customers the opportunity to interact with companies, rather than simply being pitched to. Of course, this overt feedback is usually given less weight than the analytical data that tracks how changes in an ad affect its performance. Interactive advertising goes beyond using banners; rather, it focuses on using social media, branded polls and games, and many other approaches to engage the target audience.

Advances in technology can enable companies to be far more successful in engaging their user base than they have been in the past. Here, we have discussed how it is beneficial:

1)    Finding out customers’ psychology

If you can peek into the minds of your audience, you have won half the battle. Knowing what they want, and how to meet their requirements is a valid way to improve a company’s products and services. Well, when customers respond to a post or content to share their opinion about the topic, it helps marketers to trace knowledge about their likes, dislikes, and expectations. This, in turn, proves successful in molding the company’s product and ad to hook customers into buying.

2)    Foster Engagement

Interactive ads provide a way to spend more time with customers and make them feel more valuable. Animated ads are more interactive than any other variant. Thus, many companies like Timberland partnered with another company to run a successful display ad that invited users to colour it by tapping on different sections of the image. Similarly, DSW created an ad that viewers could flip through by simply tilting their smartphones. As companies started pursuing such interactive advertisements, there has been a significant increase in the time spent on advertisements, i.e., up to 47 percent in some cases.

Let’s know how to create interactive ads

Being a company’s owner, if you are so inclined toward making interactive ads, you can always take the initiative towards writing the codes. However, if you want it to be done perfectly, you should hire a web designer-cum-developer. And, for those of us who prefer something simpler, there are more alternatives to messing around with coding. For example, you can use a tool to create animated banner ads that work with HTML5.

Well, you need not write any of the code yourself. All you have to do is create your design, animate the ad, and then either download it for use in your campaign or embed it on your website. And, it’s up to you to trace your audience and find valuable information about them.

Also, remember that if you don’t make a clear idea of the purpose behind an ad, you won’t be able to make and implement it effectively. As per HubSpot, factors that make an interactive ad successful ad are as follows:

•    Solving a problem

•    Framing interesting stories behind their products and making the stories interesting

•    Creating product categories that could dominate

•    Being honest about the product’s features and services

•    Making a cool image of the products

•    Encouraging consumers already using the products to use them more often

•    Being creative and entertaining

•    Being relatable

•    Making their products seem critical to have

•    Engaging with their followers on social media while keeping their branding consistent

•    Trying something innovative, even if what they were already doing was working

Interactive advertising is all about getting your customers to buy your products. But it’s also about getting them convinced to interact with your brand. And, social media has democratized society to the extreme, giving people direct access to each other and thereby giving brands direct access to their customers.

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