Four Reasons That TV Advertising Is Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth Investing In


The TV has a massive reach and familiarity as a trustful source to obtain information, news, and entertainment. Commercial breaks between shows have become longer over the past decade. A slew of broadcast and cable networks are facing more ad loads. Although this is degrading viewer experience and making people more used to watching commercial-free shows on the internet, TV channels are not pondering over decreasing the advertisement breaks.

Over the years, networks have experimented to make commercial breaks more palatable. Many channels tried to incorporate show content into commercials, which enticed the audience to remain interested. In this article, we have shared some undeniable reasons for making TV advertising an important part of your marketing mix:

1.    Super Bowl (and other live events)

The number of TV viewers keeps on increasing with time. With adults watching TV an average of 33 hours per week, the reach that TV has is still very strong despite technological alternatives for viewers. Live sporting events are viewed by the entire population and as the time allocated for ads is variable it becomes difficult for the audience to skip them. Also, live events like Oscars and the Grammy’s allow for advertisers to take advantage of the large mass of audiences that watch and engage with each other through various social media platforms.

2. Older Audiences + More TV Watching

An average American spends five hours a day watching TV. The number of viewers is much less in teenagers’ and young adults segment as compared to adults who are above 25. Audience demographics are important to take into consideration when advertisers are planning how to reach their target audience with the right messaging and the right advertising vehicle. Now, more adults are making purchasing decisions based on TV advertisement and a quality ad is proved to have a deeper psychological impact on the viewer’s mind.

 3. Fragmented Attention Span

Reports say that 70% of modern folks use mobile devices while watching TV. Also, many viewers watch TV on their smartphones or laptop.  TV channels are still the most powerful driver to consumers when introducing a new product. And, the availability of smartphones push the sales further as viewers are able to search the features of the products related to the commercial they saw and they can even order the products instantly. The synergy of TV advertising and digital campaigns can also help advertisers with tracking their TV commercial performance using hashtags or social drivers that have been used.

4. Every Major Brand Uses TV Advertising

All big brands like Google, Apple, Facebook, McDonald’s and IBM use TV advertising in their marketing mix. The small and medium-sized business should consider that if TV is still the best medium, it can do wonders for their companies. Modern advertisers use a mix of several advertising media to reach and influence their customers in the most successful way. Although TV advertising is said to be the best way to approach customers, it often comes with the challenge of measuring and tracking the users’engagement activities. These days, with the availability of many tools to manage both micro and macro conversions, it is easy to track KPIs after a viewer watches a TV commercial.

We can conclude that despite the fact that modern consumers are spending greater amounts of time surfing the internet and using mobile devices than ever before, TV marketing still provides an impressive return on investment for businesses.

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