Four Reasons That TV Advertising Is Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth Investing In


The TV has a massive reach and familiarity as a trustful source to obtain information, news, and entertainment. Commercial breaks between shows have become longer over the past decade. A slew of broadcast and cable networks are facing more ad loads. Although this is degrading viewer experience and making people more used to watching commercial-free shows on the internet, TV channels are not pondering over decreasing the advertisement breaks.

Over the years, networks have experimented to make commercial breaks more palatable. Many channels tried to incorporate show content into commercials, which enticed the audience to remain interested. In this article, we have shared some undeniable reasons for making TV advertising an important part of your marketing mix:

1.    Super Bowl (and other live events)

The number of TV viewers keeps on increasing with time. With adults watching TV an average of 33 hours per week, the reach that TV has is still very strong despite technological alternatives for viewers. Live sporting events are viewed by the entire population and as the time allocated for ads is variable it becomes difficult for the audience to skip them. Also, live events like Oscars and the Grammy

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