Four Reasons That TV Advertising Is Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth Investing In


The TV has a massive reach and familiarity as a trustful source to obtain information, news, and entertainment. Commercial breaks between shows have become longer over the past decade. A slew of broadcast and cable networks are facing more ad loads. Although this is degrading viewer experience and making people more used to watching commercial-free shows on the internet, TV channels are not pondering over decreasing the advertisement breaks. Over the years, networks have experimented to make commercial breaks more palatable. Many channels tried to incorporate show content into commercials, which enticed the audience to remain interested. In this article,…

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Four Essential Elements of a Successful Advertisement Campaign


A quality Advertisement is one that generates sales for a business. In the world of consumerism, the success of a brand largely depends on the way it is marketed among its end customers. Well, crafting a high impact ad is a challenging task in light of the fact that it requires creativity, experience, and likely a series of experiments. Although it is no secret that an ad needs to be shown to the right person at the right time, many advertisers fail to create successful data in lack of accurate information about their target audience. The success rate of an…

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Know How Television Advertising Can Impact Our Lives


Television has been a staple in advertising since its inception in July 1941. During major televised events like football matches, advertisements are also a major event. While audience viewing habits have considerably shifted over the past decade, cords have been cut and mobile phones becoming first screens, we still like watching T.V. In many cases, the TV set is just one of many screens that we are cycling through as we participate in social media conversations. Our viewing habits have been evolving ever since the cable was introduced in the 1970s and they will no doubt continue to change. But…

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